Friday, January 06, 2006

"Imagine a world, Pease." Or something like that...

So, once again I am in the library instead of Comp. Lit. with the Pease-a-nator. Kellinka and I have been done with our homework for weeks now and we were just wasting tuition dollar by sitting in there doing nothing. Now, you see, it is better because we are wasting tuition dollar in the library. Better, much? Oui. And this bring us to the title of today's post, "Imagine a World, Pease." Kellinka's dad said this and I laughed (not the nervous giggles) for quite some time. Yet, I am still confused if it is 'world' or 'whirled.' Yeahhhhhhhh.

So, David Cole just walked into the library. He's pretty tite.

"What you say?! Tite?!"
"Tite for real real, not for play play."

My Surreal Life: Season 5 DVD arrived via the USPS yesterday. I haven't watched it yet, but I am illin' to. The fights between Janice and Omarosa are pretty damn good entertainment, if I must say. "Anyone neeeed a haaaaaaircut? [Holds up knife]." Oh, those America's First Supermodels. Carazy.

I brought my digital camera to school today. Mainly for the fact that I wanted pictures of Estufa. I got some in third hour. I am an evil boy. I'll post the pics tomorrow. If you are lucky.

In French today, I called Seamstress on all of that darn smut watching of hers... Then I tried to curse her... Then Kellinka almost fell off of her chair... Good times... DYNOMITE!

Wait, that's What's Happenin'?. Anyhoo.

So, apparently, Daf burped really loud this morning and [Brooker] blamed it on Kellinka. Haha. That is funny.

Well, today has been pretty much summed up in the previous, oh, I don't know, 30,000 paragraphs. See y'all tomorrow.

Oh, yeah, I made Brigid laugh by drawing Mr. Schultz in a dress. She counteracted by drawing a whale with bad teeth.


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