Monday, January 09, 2006

"Your taste in the opposite sex can be described in one word. Girls"

So, yeah. Madame played the role of Dionne Warwick in the love edition of psychic friends today. She claimed she knew who Mike is attracted to... Girls. The sad thing is, is that it is allllllll too true. BUT, he did claim to like blondes more. This explains why one of his many?? girlfriends was blonde. We then had a nice chat about all of our stereotypes.

Pencil Case: Crazy. Just crazy.
Kellinka: Intelligent with a touch of sophistication.
Seamstress: Unique.
Mike: Ladies man.
Natalie: Dancer.
Brianna: Innocent.
Pencil Case: Still crazy.

Yeah, that was fun.

So, then we got to talking about Katia and how she might be a stripper/goth some day regardless of her parents' morals. Yeah, um, Kellinka? Thanks for that. The stripper part, that is. Oh, speaking of strippers and all, Kellinka looks like MiMi from Rent, today.

Madame: I need you two (Kellinka and I) to run these books up to my room.
Kellinka: Yeah, but we'll need a late pass. We have Pease next.
Madame: [Face of horror/terror/garbage] Pease?!

So, if you haven't guessed yet, I am once again spending my Comp. Lit. time in the library because, once again, I am done with all of the assigned homework.

Ugh, exams start on Wednesday. That is not fun to the not max (READ: The 80's and double negatives are not an attractive couple... Like exams and Pencil Case.) I am super worried about History and Algebra. Can we say "hard to the seventh power?" Oui.

Tonight, I am off to Caroline's house to finish our project because she "lost our numbers" to call us this weekend. dskjvndlmnvldsknv


At 6:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is mike?


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